Get Inspired by 15 Captivating Tricolor Houseplants for a Stunning Indoor Display


If your home is filled with conventional plants that have dull foliage, it’s time to consider adding some vibrant and colorful plants with tricolor foliage. These eye-catching houseplants not only bring freshness and vitality but also add a pop of color to any space. Whether you prefer warm tones like red and pink or cooler shades like purple, tricolor plants offer a stylish update. With a wide range of leaf shapes and sizes, you can easily find the perfect tricolor plant to enhance every area of your home.

#1. Candy Cane Plant

Get a taste of holiday candies with the striped leaves of this plant, featuring varied hues of green and lovely yellow margins.


#2. Cleopatra Snake Plant

The Cleopatra Snake Plant is a rare find with its striking leaf design, perfect for apartments due to its slow growth.

Source: Planting Man

#3. Chinese Evergreen Tricolor

Discover the intriguing Chinese Evergreen with its camouflage-like pattern and three different hues, a great option for low-light spaces.

Source: Garden Design

#4. Corona Tricolor

Make a statement with the Calathea Roseopicta, featuring deep green foliage and high-contrast green and pink design, thriving in indirect light.

Source: Greenery Unlimited

#5. Gingerland

The Gingerland, known as Angel Wings, showcases beautiful and delicate leaves with a striking color pattern.

Source: Earth&Jungle

#6. Bolero Tricolor

Each leaf of the Bolero Tricolor is a work of beauty, with vivid yellow, purple, and green colors, perfect for modern or boho-chic settings.

Source: Shogun Hawaii

#7. Lauren’s Rainbow Croton

Experience the vibrant hues of Lauren’s Rainbow Croton, with long, thin leaves and intense tints of orange, yellow, and red.

Source: The National Gardening Association

#8. Nidularium Houseplant

The Nidularium stands out with its bright splash of red in the middle and tropical green tones, ideal for kitchens or bathrooms.


#9. Rainbow Peperomia

The compact Rainbow Peperomia features large, high-contrast leaves with pink or crimson highlights, a stunning choice for small spaces.

Source: Houseplant Central

#10. Flapjack

The Flapjack succulent charms with its spherical clams-shaped leaves and easy-care nature, thriving in warm, sunny locations.

Source: Yates Australia

#11. Moonburst

The Aeonium Moonburst captivates with soft green, pink, and yellow colors and a tiered rosette form, perfect for succulent enthusiasts.

Source: Succulents Australia

#12. Rosebud

The Rosebud houseplant stands out with its large heart-shaped leaves and fascinating patterns, requiring a humid and warm environment.


#13. Tricolor Stonecrop

Delight in the adorable Tricolor Stonecrop, featuring bright green centers, pale green edges, and faint pink rims on small leaves.

Source: Diggin it Nursery

#14. Red Prayer Plant

The Red Prayer Plant steals the show with its eye-catching pink vein patterns on dark green leaves that fold inward like prayer hands.


#15. Tricolor Stromanthe

The Tricolor Stromanthe impresses with broad pastel-colored stripes on dark green foliage, a stunning addition to any well-lit space.

Source: Garden Betty

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