9 Sun-Loving Herbs for Thriving Gardens in Warm Climates


Most vegetables and plants fall into two categories: cool weather or warm weather. While cool-weather plants thrive in spring and fall, warm-weather plants, including herbs, flourish in the heat of summer. Here are 9 Heat-Loving Herbs for Sunny Gardens that can enhance your summer dishes and drinks. Mint, thyme, lemongrass, and more are among the top heat-loving herbs to cultivate and savor during hot, dry periods. If your planter boxes are exposed to full sun or your garden suffered from scorching temperatures last summer, these herbs are ideal for preventing wilting and dehydration. Consider introducing them to your garden this year.


This herb is easy to cultivate in both containers and gardens. However, it can become invasive if not contained. It thrives in full sun or shade with well-drained soil. Maintain moist soil and trim flowers for extended productivity.

Source: 1840farm


Thyme, a low-growing herb, flourishes year-round, particularly in dry and warmer conditions. It prospers in sunny locations with well-drained soil. Prune after flowering to promote robust growth.

Source: Growagoodlife


This tall herb is perfect for summer beverages and dishes like stir-fries or curries. It thrives in sunny spots with moist soil.

Source: Seasonwithspice

#4. Sage

Sage is not only beautiful but also resilient, returning each year even in colder climates. Like basil, it thrives in full sun and well-drained soil.

Source: Miraclegro

#5. Basil

Basil’s heat tolerance is remarkable, requiring 6 to 8 hours of daily sunlight and proper watering on hot days. Regular pruning or harvesting keeps it compact and productive.

Source: Gardenuity


Chives are versatile in pots and garden beds, favoring full sun. Removing flowers and preventing them from drying out enhances their productive lifespan.

Source: Hearthandvine

#7.Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is renowned for its tea, as well as its compatibility with salads and fruits. While it loves heat, it can also tolerate partial shade during midday.

Source: Theoriginalgarden


With multiple varieties, oregano is nearly native to Greece. Like other Mediterranean herbs, it thrives in dry soil and full sun.

Source: Bhg


Originating from the Mediterranean, rosemary is an aromatic shrub that prefers drier summer conditions. It flourishes in sunny weather, displaying beautiful blue flowers and adding charm to summer drinks.

Source: Dailyherald

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