22 Compact Pool Designs That Maximize Limited Space


If you have limited outdoor space, you may think that a pool is out of the question. However, with these 22 pool designs, you can still enjoy the luxury of a swimming pool without sacrificing too much space.

One popular option for small yards is a plunge pool. These pools are typically small and shallow, and are designed for relaxation rather than swimming laps. They’re perfect for cooling off on a hot day and can also add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

Another option is a lap pool, which is a long, narrow pool that is perfect for getting in some exercise without taking up too much space. Lap pools are ideal for fitness enthusiasts and can be incorporated into a small backyard or even onto a rooftop.

Infinity pools are also a great option for small spaces, as they create the illusion of a larger body of water. These pools have an edge that appears to blend into the surrounding landscape, giving the impression that the pool extends beyond its actual boundaries.

When it comes to design, there are many options for small pool spaces. Some popular designs include modern geometric shapes, natural-looking rock formations, and classic rectangular shapes.

In addition to the pool itself, it’s important to consider the surrounding landscape and how it can enhance the pool area. Adding landscaping features such as plants, rocks, and lighting can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Ultimately, the key to creating a pool space in a small yard is to be creative and make the most of the available space. With the right design, you can transform your limited outdoor space into a luxurious oasis that you’ll love spending time in.

Properly plan the installation of your pool and set aside a specific budget for it. You will be amazed at the incredible space it creates in your home.

When opting to construct a garden pool, the design must harmonize with the surrounding space and the house. To create a welcoming area, furnishings and plants can be utilized.

Despite its small size, the depth of the pool can be adjusted according to your preferences.

When selecting the pool’s location, it is crucial to carefully consider the orientation. Ideally, areas with shade caused by neighboring buildings or trees should be avoided. Ultimately, this decision lies with the owner, but it is advisable to steer clear of shadows.

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