12 Houseplants You Can Easily Propagate From Leaves


If you’re passionate about expanding your houseplant collection, consider trying leaf propagation! Not only can it save you money compared to buying new plants, but you also have the advantage of knowing the exact varieties. With the help of the article below, you’ll no longer have to worry about these concerns. The list of 12 Indoor Plants You Can Easily Propagate from Leaves provides you with a cost-effective and efficient way to grow new plants. This method is both simple and time-saving, especially when compared to growing from seeds. By following the process carefully and being patient during the growth phase, you can successfully nurture a beautiful plant from just a single leaf. Explore these options to gather more insights.

#1.Jade Plant

For propagating the Jade Plant, snip healthy mature leaves and allow them to callus for a few days in warmth. Place the callused ends in slightly damp soil, providing bright indirect sunlight. Water once roots are established.

Source: Bybrittanygoldwyn


Echeveria can be easily propagated by cutting low leaves off a healthy plant and letting them sit in a cool place. New clusters of leaves and roots will form in a few weeks.

Source: Youngsgardenshop

#3.Hoya kerrii

Propagating Hoya kerrii involves taking leaves from a healthy plant, allowing them to callus, and planting them vertically in moist soil with drainage. Roots will develop in 2-3 weeks.

Source: Plantura.garden

#4.ZZ Plant

This popular houseplant can be propagated from single leaves. Cut leaves from a healthy stem and root them in potting mix. Allow the very bottom of the leaf to be buried to prevent root rot.

Source: Crocus

#5.Christmas Cactus

After Christmas Cactus finishes flowering, propagate it using leaf segment cuttings. Allow cut sections to callus, then plant them about an inch deep in potting soil. Cover with plastic until new roots form.

Source: Amazon


To propagate Kalanchoe, cut healthy leaves, let them callus, then plant them in a damp succulent mix. Place in a sunny spot and mist regularly until young roots develop.

Source: Twinoaksonline

#7.Bryophyllum pinnatum

For propagation, cut single leaves and pack them into potting mix. Within weeks, roots will form, and they can be moved to individual pots.

Source: Etsy

#8.Snake Plant

To expand your collection, cut leaves into 4-inch sections and mark the bottom. Place cuttings in potting mix or suspend them in water. New roots will develop within a few weeks.

Source: Gardenerreport


Aloe leaves should be dried for about 4 weeks before propagation. Take a cutting, let it callus, and plant it in potting mix. Moderate watering in a sunny spot will promote rooting.

Source: Miraclegro

#10.Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plants can be propagated from offshoots or leaves. Cut a small slice of the trunk with a leaf, root in water, and transfer to a pot after new plantlets form.

Source: Thespruce

#11.Burro’s Tail

Propagate this succulent by placing leaves on soil with cactus mix. Keep in a warm, bright area and water when dry. Shoots will develop and can be transplanted.

Source: Nvigarden


Cut a large healthy leaf, create small incisions along veins, and pin it to propagating mix. Keep the soil moist for growth.

Source: Marshallsgarden

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