11 Gorgeous Climbing Plants with Stunning Blue Flowers


If you’re seeking to transform unsightly old bricks or bland garden walls, consider the 11 Beautiful Vining Plants That Offer Blue Flowers! These plants bring captivating beauty, adding freshness and allure to your outdoor space. With a range of sizes and characteristics, from the adaptable morning glory to the delicate clematis, these plants suit various landscapes. Opt for vibrant blue hues to invigorate your garden, creating striking contrasts with pink or orange blooms. These cool blue flowers provide visual relief during scorching summers. Whether in hanging baskets, climbing vines, or potted on high shelves, these plants offer versatility and charm.

#1.Blue Jade Vine

Similar to the Blue Butterfly Pea, the Blue Jade Vine belongs to the Fabaceae family. This plant showcases ornamental, hanging blue-green, or vibrant turquoise-blue blossoms.

Source: Tropicalplantsandflowersguide


Plumbago is a sturdy herbaceous plant that grows in a vine-like manner, using any available support. It produces clusters of charming sky-blue, tube-shaped flowers.

Source: Wavehill

#3.Downy Clematis

The Downy Clematis flowers resemble the skirt of Tinkerbell. Not only do they present exquisite double blooms in pale or violet-blue shades, but the plant also grows effortlessly. It thrives in any north-facing garden spot.

Source: Plantsnap

#4.Blue Butterfly Pea

Found in Southeast Asia and part of the Fabaceae family, the Blue Butterfly Pea boasts butterfly-like blue blooms with a creamy white center.

Source: Amazon

#5.Blue Potato Vine

This vine forms compact clusters of lilac-blue flowers. The lovely blossoms contrast beautifully with the light green foliage.

Source: Flickr

#6.Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a fantastic choice for all gardeners, with its blue flowers brightening any space and attracting bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators to your garden.

Source: Superseeds

#7.Skyblue Clustervine

Skyblue Clustervine can grow up to 20-30 feet tall and features deep blue blossoms. Regular pruning is necessary to prevent it from becoming invasive and overtaking your garden space.

Source: Itslife

#8.Solitary Clematis

Solitary Clematis produces deep blue flowers that stand out against dark green leaves. This charming climber is perfect for pots, trailing over trellises or cages.

Source: Picturethisai

#9. Bengal Clockvine

Also known as Blue Sky Vine, Blue Trumpet Vine, and Bengal Clock Vine, the Bengal Clockvine offers velvety cobalt blue flowers, making it a striking addition to gazebos or pergolas.

Source: Gardentags

#10.Queen’s Wreath

As its name implies, the ‘Queenie’ displays clusters of purple-blue flowers when in full bloom. Providing ample sunlight will ensure its happy growth and abundant flowering.

Source: Elevate

#11.Passionflower Vine

The Passionflower Vine is indigenous to South America and features fragrant blue blossoms. Some varieties also yield edible and sweet passionfruits.

    Source: Passionflow

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